As Members

We are accredited in accordance with all existing regulations.

We contribute regularly to the group. We are proactive in the way we share deal flow, engage in the forums to share our analysis, join due diligence efforts and meetings with founders, participate in syndicates, open our networks and attend monthly meetings.

We are transparent. We disclose prior contacts, relationships and potential conflicts of interest. Our default stance is to trust the other investors in the group.

We strive to be efficient, to make good use of and not waste other peoples time.

We act with integrity. We uphold the trust demonstrated by others in the group.

We keep all information about other members and their opinions strictly confidential.

We are respectful of deal sourcing. In cases of limited space for investment, we communicate and defer our position to those who brought the deal. If we invest individually in a company and we know that someone else may be interested, we let them know.

Towards Founders

We understand how hard it is to launch a startup and we treat all founders with empathy and respect.

We provide honest and direct feedback if required. We encourage founders to seek multiple opinions.

We don't waste their time. If the answer for an investment question is no or not right now, we let them know in a timely fashion.

We don't solicit nor use deal flow as a source of potential business or advisory positions.

We keep all information about the companies we come in contact with as strictly confidential.

We are transparent. We disclose potential conflicts of interest.

We help them succeed. Irrespective of the investment outcome, we help founders make progress and succeed through connections to other resources (eg. potential investors, advisors, customers, employees, other founders, etc), sharing our experience and expertise, or providing feedback.

on How We Work Together

We are committed to a non-hostile, open and welcoming environment, a safe space for debate and discussion where all members are treated with respect.

We differentiate between: being right and doing the right thing, winning the argument and helping advance the discussion in search for the truth, objective facts and individual interpretations. We understand that the truth is subjective because different people with different goals, risk profiles and points of view will interpret and weight differently the same set of facts.

We are self aware of our own limitations and biases, of our human inability to see the full picture and the difficulty to see things objectively for what they are instead of how we feel or perceive them (eg. proneness to herd behavior, FOMO and confirmation bias, etc.).

We are willing and open to new opportunities for learning with and from others.

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