Our defining characteristic is our collaborative spirit. Members are accessible to everyone, responsive to inquiry and generous with their time. We help each other and the startups we fund. Grubstakes is a forum, a safe space where accredited investors share deal flow, discover new opportunities, discuss due diligence, and syndicate together as they see fit.

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Under-represented founders, great teams.
Cloud services, Mobile systems, Datacenter networking, IoT.

Entrepreneurship, SaaS, Consumer (B2C).
Numbers first, Businesses with sound financial mechanics, Industry agnostic.  

Software, Impactful Investing, HHRR, Silicon Valley.
Strategy, Operations, Licensing, Marketing, Management. Industry Agnostic.    

Entrpreneurship, SEO, Visionaries, Venture Capital.
Team & Software architecture and operations.

Big Data, Machine Learning, Online Advertising.
Nutrition and dietetics, healthcare.

Finance and Software.
Big Data, Finance, Trading, Blockchain.

Invest in real businesses. Focus on team. Industry agnostic.
Healthcare, medical devices, professional services, B2B.

Leadership, operations, customer acquisition in B2B and B2C, software.    
Grubstakes facilitator, always available to all founders.

Scalable webservices, Mobile Apps and Blockchain.
Machine Learning, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Passionate teams, innovative products, and real needs. Industry agnostic.  
Big Data, SaaS, Program Management.

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